Moisture absorber to reduce dew point and prevent valuable materials

Moisture absorber to reduce dew point and prevent valuable materials

Silica gel packs are used widely both in the private and Commercial businesses for their excellent ability to absorb moisture and aid in their preservation. They can also prevent damage of valuable products during storage and shipping. Some of the advanced Kinds of silica gel packs are also Effective at preventing the formation of mould, mildew, rust and corrosion. In reality, silica gel has the best desiccant properties. It prevents the creation of moisture from a variety of materials that may further promote the growth of mold and spoil precious materials. Silica gels can actually also prevent condensation which may harm electronic equipment’s. You can even find drug manufacturers using these silica gel packs to avoid the decomposition of medications like vitamin pills for quite some time.

Moisture absorber

Small silica gel packs can also be used to maintain the comparative Humidity RH within a high frequency satellite or radio transmission system. They are also being increasingly used today in industrial compressed air systems to absorb moisture in the atmosphere. This prevents damage at the point of usage of the compressed air that may happen as a result of condensation or moisture. This is extremely powerful in railroad locomotives, where moisture filled compressed air in the brake pipes may result in brake failure. You would also find moisture absorber in libraries and museums for superior storage and as a preservation tool to control relative humidity. Even in the health care industry it is used extensively in diverse application areas like diagnostic test strips, syringes, bacteria and hospital sanitation kits, inhalation devices, drug test kits, and all kinds of moisture sensitive apparatus.

Nevertheless, these silica gel packs aren’t without their hazards. Though they are known to be nontoxic under normal circumstances, yet they Are highly reactive when they are in contact with hydrogen peroxide, strong bases, strong acids and oxidizers. And they cause irritation to the respiratory Tract along with the digestive tract based on the amount of exposure. It has Been discovered that dust from these beads cause skin in addition to eye irritation. So, it is suggested that silica gel sticks should be used judiciously and direct exposure to it should be avoided.

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