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Nicobar Islands – An Island of Unexplored Astonishment

Nicobar Islands – An Island of Unexplored Astonishment

Nicobar Island is one of only a handful few, lesser investigated traveler objections in India. One of the rate traveler objective in India where you can appreciate and loosen up short the standard group and traffic growls natural to dominant part of Indian objections.



‘Nicobar’ Islands gets its name from a Tamil word ‘Nakkavaram’ alluding to a bare man, the utilization of this word can be followed back to the standard of Chola line. In the time of 1789, Britishers were quick to find the Andman and Nicobar Islands. The British Rule utilized the Ross Island as capital of Andman and Nicobar Islands anyway post freedom the Indian government moved it to Port Blair.


The all out land region is 1,841sq.kms. The Nicobar Island incorporates 22 islets. Every one of the 22 islets gather to shape three bunches: northern gathering has 2 islets, focal gathering an arrangement of 9 islets and southern gathering incorporates 11 islets including the biggest one Extraordinary Nicobar.


The environment of Nicobar Islands is tropical and sticky, where andaman tourism levels may shift from 70 percent-90 percent. Despite the fact that the climate is charming generally here with a wonderful temperature range for example from 23°C to 30°C still you feel the chill from the delicate breeze blowing without fail. The ideal chance to visit Nicobar Island is in the middle of October to May, anyway you may likewise think about visiting between the long stretch of June to September to appreciate the rainstorm of this beguiling and wonderful Island.

Language and Religion

A thick populace for example 15 percent of a once in a while populated Nicobar Island communicates in Hindi though rest 85 percent communicates in different dialects. English is the authority language. There are 24 distinct dialects spoken by individuals in this astonishing Island like Tamil, Malayalam, Urdu, Karen, Konkani, Manipuri, Bengali, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, Assamese, Rajasthani, English, Punjabi, Nicobari, Tulu, Burmese, Barsi, Sindhi, Dokri, Munda, Marwari, Nepali, and Oriya. You can discover individuals, everything being equal, and with various communicated in dialects remaining together in complete harmony and amicability. Such astonishing ethnic and social mix is regularly alluded to as Mini-India.


The first occupants of the Nicobar Islands have a place with two distinctive Mongoloid clans specifically Nicobarese and Shompens; they actually acquire their business by chasing and fishing in the thick timberland of Nicobar.


  • Island Tourism Festival: Every year, this fortnight long celebration is coordinated by the ANI Administration during the period of December to January. It incorporates a presentation, social projects, rivalries and the sky is the limit from there.
  • Subash Mela: Netaji Subash Chandra Bose’s birthday day is seen as a weeklong celebration consistently in the Havelock during the period of January.
  • Vivekananda Mela: The Niel Island sorts out a celebration now and again of Swami Vivekananda birth commemoration consistently in the period of January.
  • Block Mela: It is held at Diglipur consistently in the long stretch of January and February.
  • Others: Durga Puja, Panguni Utharam and Mari Amman celebrations.
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